Preparing for Important Conversations
A Go-To Practice for Success

Applying for a job? Getting, or giving, feedback? Making a presentation — or a request?

This 10-minute guided practice gets you centered and ready. Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment approach offers practical tools and insights to radically shift your confidence at work. Slow down and access your more natural inner ease and power.




Did you try it? How did it work for you?

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  • sylvia says:

    Have an important event tomorrow and this is just what I needed to help me through it. I will practise between now and then and god willing it will see me through an also in the future.

  • Susan says:

    So love that company’s like Eileen’s are bringing this level of development, making it available for their leaders. Wendy Palmer’s work is extraordinary.

  • Pamela Nesbit says:

    So grateful for your guidance on a centered state when listening. I need to practice. Thank you.
    Allowing it to land in my field rather than absorbing it is a helpful new practice.

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