Perfection is Not Possible

with Shauna Shapiro

“Perfection is not possible, but transformation is.”
—Shauna Shapiro, mindfulness researcher

At a LifeWork Mindful Living event in New York City, Shauna delighted and educated the room with her insights, stories, and practices.

Here she challenges us to think about the unrealistic standards we often hold for ourselves and gives us permission to lighten up a little.


Let's share a few realistic expectations ... what are yours?

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  • Joanne Duffin says:

    I grew up in a religious culture where the driving and unquestioned goal of life was to seek perfection. Reiterate that often enough to a child and she just might strive to attain it. I left that theocracy of my youth now, twenty some years ago, and have since attempted to chart my own course with my own mantras and personal pathways. Yet, every once in a while I get mired in that sinkhole, yes, drawn into the ditch that is perfection. It haunts me still.

    Down in the sinkhole with me is IMPATIENCE—impatience with myself, and GRIEF—grief that I am still fussing with this principle that, intellectually I know Is not possible to achieve in this life, yet continues to rob me of my joy.

    I need help! A new perspective! More self-love! And oh, that is not selfishness, by the way!!!!!!

    Take me on your journey with you!

  • Joyce August says:

    Thank you for this reminder. The timing is perfect :))

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