Loosen Up Your Body
Take a Minute™ with Zuleikha

a total refresh

Learn a simple practice to counter tightness in the body and to access a total refresh.  Eileen Fisher also shares the powerful impact of Zuleikha’s Take a Minute™ practices in her life and work.


Filmed live at the Eileen Fisher Embodiment Lounge at the Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco, February 2017.


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  • Kathleen Peterson says:

    Works great even w/today’s back & shoulder pain—told my friends! Thanks for a wonderful gift. Registered for tomorrow’s online lecture, too.

  • LEVERN ALLEN says:

    Great move. One more early morning wake up stretch.

  • Julia Miller says:

    This was a wonderful exercise. So simple and yet powerful. thanks j

  • Suzanne says:

    Very kind and generous of you, Eileen, to share this refreshment!

  • Marla Del Collins says:

    That was lovely— I imagined myself a blue heron gliding across a pond.
    I hope I can attend the workshop in late March as I’m eager to learn more— I use meditation movement, dance and singing to wake up and put to rest my college-age students both at the beginning and end of each of my human communication and creative problem solving classes—both built around ‘cooperacy’ principles. If there is a time-crunch or I forget –they are sure to remind me! It makes a tremendous difference— enhancing mood, response, energy, and our caring for one another. Thank you.

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