The Cost of Perfection
Why We Need to Teach Girls to Be Brave
Reshma Saujani’s Enlightening TED Talk

“As women, even when we’re ambitious, when we’re leaning in, that socialization of perfection has caused us to take less risks in our careers.”
—Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code

Have you ever not applied for a job because you weren’t 100 percent qualified, not raised your hand, not asked for a raise?

In her TED talk — viewed by more than 4 million people to date — Reshma Saujani dispels rumors that women simply lack confidence. Instead, she says, women are being left behind in workplaces and in the new economy because we socialize girls and boys to respond to challenges differently. When girls face challenges they tend to respond with fear; boys respond with bravery.

Reshma invites us to step into a braver world, one in which we are all willing to take risks, to speak up, and to support each other — while being vulnerable enough to accept our imperfections.

Watch Reshma’s inspiring TED talk

Join LifeWork, Reshma, and four other dynamic teachers, on Friday, October 26, 2018, for Women Together: The Movement Starts with You — live or online.

“Teach bravery, not perfection.” —Reshma

Reshma Saujani, founder/CEO and best-selling author of Girls Who Code, initiates young women into the tech world. Her goal is to engage one million women in computer science by 2020. Reshma began her career as an attorney and activist — and she is the first Indian-American woman to run for US Congress. Reshma’s latest book, Brave, Not Perfect, will be released in February 2019.

How do you want to get braver in your life?

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