Live Your Purpose Right Now

How do we make the transition to living more of our purpose?

Don’t postpone! Life Purpose coach and facilitator Marcelo Cardoso shares how you can live your purpose — right now in the middle of the life and relationships you actually have.

How can you live more of your purpose right now?

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  • felipe herszenhaut says:

    Getting in touch with it, but most important living the present… not the past neither the future… the time is now.

  • Marla Schachtel says:

    Do you believe there is one singular purpose for most of us? I found throughout my working life, great satisfaction from helping people in a wide variety of ways. Some were a direct result of job responsibilities, but often it was outside the parameters of the job description.

    In retirement, I am still helping in most of my ‘scheduled’ activities, but also ‘searching’ through continuing practice of yoga, early efforts at meditation (left behind many years ago), and learning about who I might still become. At this time, a specific ‘goal’ does not exist for me except my attempt to publish a children’s book I have written. Mostly I feel at peace with my life, yet I wish to always pursue learning – more about myself and many interests in the world. Thank you for the thoughtful inspiration you provide.

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