4 Clues to Your Life Purpose

When you don’t know what your purpose is, your purpose is to find your purpose.
—Marcelo Cardoso

Each of us has a unique spark. A special way of being in the world, a magic combination of innate talents and areas of interest. Things we believe in. When we connect with our purpose, we find the key to infusing our lives with meaning

This infographic, based on the life purpose work of LifeWork teacher Marcelo Cardoso, offers a starting place for engaging in the inquiry into yours.


What's your relationship with your sense of purpose? Where do you shine? Where do you struggle?

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  • Shifana says:

    Hi I have always been thriving to know the purpose of my life.
    Iike photography , but fear and anxiety and even finance is making me to think of pursuing my passion . Photography

  • Shara says:

    This is such a wonderful discovery and connection to the passion and work of Marcelo! Thank you, Eileen FIsher Lifework! Thank you Marcelo Cardoso!

  • Suzanne Shepherd says:

    Native cultures share a deep respect, connection and curiosity for the amazing planet that we share. As cultures developed and the pressures of modern society have forced us to focus on the somewhat frenetic pace of modern work and living we seem to have lost time to explore the wild places and experience the amazing varieties of other species that share our planet. We also seem to have lost respect and a sense of stewardship and championship of the environment. My passion and sense of purpose as I become older and finally have more time away from career demands is to try and help rescue these species and the environment from increasing encroachment and destruction while also working on ways to empower and encourage local populations to enter into this commitment.

  • Jennifer H. says:

    Passion: deeply connecting with others and exploring other points of view fully; inspired by true expressions of human love and kindness around me
    Needs: helping others grow and develop through mentoring and encouragement; making individuals recognize that each one is special too
    Talents: leadership and building team dynamics and fostering creative thinking
    Values: love – it is the only thing that endures and that we carry with us to the end of our days; I want to love and be loved and help others love and be loved; part is about being brave enough to be open and vulnerable, helping our persona learn and accept our failures as well as celebrate successes.

  • Molly Sargent says:

    I enjoyed arriving at these answers; the ability to respond to them immediately validated for me the importance of the past several years of studying (with Katie Hendricks), daily meditation, life choices (divorce and down-sizing) to arrive closer to myself than ever before:
    Passion: authentic connection and continuous relevance
    Needs: working with professionals
    Talents: teaching and writing
    Values: consciousness

    • rah! says:

      Thanks Molly seeing how you differentiated between passion, needs, values and talents helped me in my responses. In answering the questions I was too concrete.

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