weekend workshop
Saturday & Sunday, March 24–25, 2018

The Power of Moving Forward
The Life Purpose Workshop

with Marcelo Cardoso
Everyone needs life purpose. Here’s why…

Do you look back and regret certain decisions you’ve made? Perhaps you wish you had done some things differently and are hard on yourself for not doing them. Have you lost direction or lost trust in yourself?

Life is full of twists and turns, and we don’t always end up where we thought we would be. But regretting the past doesn’t help — it just keeps us stuck. Learning to see your past from a different perspective can help free you from self-criticism and validate where you are now.

Several years ago, Eileen Fisher welcomed life purpose coach and facilitator Marcelo Cardoso into her company and her own life, and the positive impact has been enormous. With this signature life purpose workshop, Marcelo has transformed the company culture and helped put its employees on the path to becoming more creative and productive at work and in their personal lives.

During this powerful, inspiring two-day workshop, Marcelo provides you with the tools you need to start orienting your life from a deeper, more meaningful sense of who you are. You will also re-evaluate any changes you might want to make for a life of joy and more fulfillment moving forward.

You will learn exercises to help you:

  • Discover latent talents and interests
  • Uncover the deep emotional patterns that keep you stuck
  • Bring to light the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back—and learn how to change them
  • Experience more clarity and direction

At the end of the weekend, you will be able to move forward with fresh perspectives and new insights — from there, anything is possible.


Eileen Fisher shares how Marcelo helps people transform their lives.


Marcelo Cardoso is a gifted coach and facilitator. Marcelo works closely with Eileen Fisher and EILEEN FISHER Inc. to create a purpose-driven approach to the work they do. Passionate about how individual transformation drives the transformation of systems (organizational and societal), he has worked for 20 years in a leadership capacity within large companies focused on creating transformation for individuals and companies.

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Date & Time
Saturday & Sunday, March 24–25, 2018
9:30am–5:00pm ET

Eileen Fisher Learning Lab
50 South Buckhout Street, Suite 102
Irvington, NY 10533
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