2-day workshop
Friday, April 28 – Saturday, April 29, 2017

Grace Under Pressure
Leadership Embodiment Level 2

with Wendy Palmer

When we’re under pressure, we can lose our capacity to be wise, compassionate, and focused.

We say things we regret, avoid decisions, seek approval, push too hard, or surrender our power. What if there was a simple way to shift from over- or underreacting to stressful situations to responding with ease?

The Leadership Embodiment process provides tools and practices for becoming a skillful listener, a powerful advocate, and an inspirational leader using intentional body actions and focused attention. It creates leadership from the inside out, not through intellectual understanding but by connecting to one’s own body and experience.

Building on the foundation of the Fundamentals Level 1, the Intermediate Level 2 course offers participants an opportunity to deepen their awareness and explore their patterns and centering practice in a variety of situations.

Knowing the language and principals of the LE model allows for greater insights into the ways stressors affect the body. Discover how muscle groups tighten or extend releasing chemicals that change the way your mind thinks and the way you speak.

The Intermediate Level 2 course will introduce you to:

  • Working with the wooden practice sword to raise energy and in crease your capacity for positive power, especially when Speaking Up
  • Working with greater inspiration to address challenges with more ease
  • Aligning your body and speech to become more effective at influencing the environment


Prerequisite: Previous participation in Leadership Embodiment Level 1 is required to take this course

Wendy Palmer is the founder of Leadership Embodiment, a process that uses principles from the Japanese martial art of Aikido and mindfulness to offer simple tools and practices to increase creativity and resilience in leaders. She has worked with executive teams and individuals at Twitter, Genentech, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, The Gap, NASA, Salesforce.com, McKinsey & Co, Oracle, Unilever, the BBC and Daimler Chrysler Group and holds a sixth degree black belt in Aikido and has practiced mindfulness for 45 years. She is the author of three books: Leadership Embodiment, The Intuitive Body, and The Practice of Freedom.

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Date & Time
Friday, April 28 –
Saturday, April 29, 2017
9:30 am – 5:30 pm ET
Eileen Fisher Learning Lab
50 South Buckhout Street, Suite 102
Irvington, NY 10533
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