Why Connect?
Insights on the Skill of Relating

Michael Gelb is author of the best-selling How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci and the new book, The Art of Connection. He and Eileen Fisher sat down to discuss the importance of connection in today’s workplaces as well as the role connection plays in creativity. As a leader, Eileen has long emphasized connection and collaboration in her company as the best approach to meaningful, creative work, drawing on what each person has to contribute.

The main message from the evening? Connection, like mindfulness, requires that we slow down, notice, and pay attention in order to actively cultivate presence — with ourselves and with the people we are engaging with. Everything flows from there. Interestingly, most meetings at EILEEN FISHER Inc. begin with a moment of silence, so that everyone can “get present.”

Here are a few highlights from the conversation between Eileen Fisher and Michael Gelb:

Implementing Our Genius Ideas
Where Do We Get Our Best Ideas?
When Connection Doesn’t Come Naturally
Connection Leads to Solutions

What challenges you most in prioritizing connection?

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