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1-day workshop
Friday, October 27, 2017

Mindful Living:
Less Stress, More Joy

Shauna Shapiro, Zuleikha, Jeanette Bronée, Colleen Saidman Yee, Erika Wiemann

It’s no secret that our 24/7 lives, with their nonstop demands and expectations, are not sustainable.

We juggle work, family, and self, trying to get ahead of the curve, to give more and respond faster—but it’s not working. We’re burning out, numbing out, and tuning out, struggling with health issues and relationships, lost in our screens, and unable to find the off switch.

Mindfulness can help.

Today is about:

  • Turning down the anxiety of constantly needing to perform and do more
  • Gaining more control over the pace of your life
  • Turning up the volume on the things that matter to you
  • Dropping the habit of overriding your inner voice
  • Cultivating positive states of mind
  • Seeing how life’s externals shift when you focus on your own well-being.

Join a stellar lineup of teachers—women with decades of experience living in the question of how we thrive in everyday life. Learn simple ways you can reduce stress and connect with enhanced inner peace and joy right in the midst of your busy life.

Today focuses on the touchstones of daily life—how we eat and dress, and how we move and feel in our bodies—offering real, practical, effective approaches for creating sustainable new possibilities in how we live and work.


The Workshop Sessions
  • Mindfulness for Everyone, with Shauna Shapiro: Receive a beautiful introduction to the basics and practicalities of mindfulness.
  • Wake Up Your Body, with Zuleikha: Experience simple and enjoyable movement practices you can do anywhere, anytime.
  • Nourishment & Beyond, with Jeanette Bronée: Shift your entire understanding of nourishment and learn how to love what and how you eat.
  • Yoga: Slow & Easy, with Colleen Saidman Yee: Slow down and enjoy easy breathing, stretching, and meditation—that can all be done in a chair.
  • Get Comfortable in Your Clothes, with Erika Wiemann: Cultivate a deeper relationship with how you dress and how you feel in your clothes.

Experience how everyday moments of pleasure and presence combine to provide a whole new experience of life—feeling alive from within. While the external pressures may not go away, you’ll have access to inner resources and go-to practices for meeting them with greater self-awareness and confidence.

Shauna Shapiro, PhD,is a professor at Santa Clara University, a clinical psychologist, and an internationally recognized expert in mindfulness. Dr. Shapiro is the recipient of the American Council of Learned Societies teaching award, acknowledging her outstanding contributions to education, and is a fellow of the Mind and Life Institute cofounded by the Dalai Lama. Dr. Shapiro lectures and leads mindfulness programs internationally, serves on the Axialent Advisory Board as a leader on conscious business, and has brought mindfulness to pioneering companies including Cisco Systems and Google. She has published over 150 articles and book chapters and is coauthor of The Art and Science of Mindfulness and Mindful Discipline, a loving approach to raising an emotionally intelligent child.

Zuleikha is an international performer, movement artist, and educator. Her Take a Minute™ Everyday Self-Care Exercise and BodyListening© Movement Arts are being used worldwide to help people improve wellness and create empowered responses to chronic stress and trauma. Founder and executive director of the nonprofit organization, The Storydancer Project, Zuleikha works worldwide to bring greater health, resilience and joy to girls, women, children and families who face challenging life circumstances. Zuleikha is renowned for her “Storydance” performances and for creative collaborations celebrating the poetry of Rumi. She is the recipient of humanitarian awards for her work in the world promoting positive personal and social change.

Jeanette Bronée, CHHC, is a nourishment expert and coach, founder of the Path for Life Self-Nourishment Center in New York City, and author of Eat to Feel Full. Her online 9-Step Path for Life Self-Nourishment Program which incorporates her three essential principles for lasting personal transformation—food knowledge, mindfulness, and habit shifting. As a teacher and keynote speaker, she addresses the challenges we face in changing our habits and offers the tools we need to learn how to thrive in a busy world. Her goal is to empower her clients to take charge of their daily well-being, performance, and future health by changing their relationship with food.

Colleen Saidman Yee, christened by the New York Times as the “First Lady” of yoga, is the founder of Yoga Shanti, with locations in New York City and Westhampton Beach. She and her husband, prominent yoga teacher Rodney Yee, lead popular teacher trainings at Yoga Shanti and throughout the world. She has been featured in Vanity Fair, O: The Oprah Magazine, New York magazine, Yoga Journal, and many others. An international fashion model since 1980, Colleen also lived in Calcutta where she worked with Mother Theresa at the Home for the Dying and Destitute. Together with Rodney, Colleen created and directs the Urban Zen’s Integrative Yoga Therapist program, Donna Karan’s worldwide initiative that has been transforming care in hospitals around the world since 2010. The author of Yoga for Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom, she has appeared in dozens of Gaiam yoga DVDs, and is a contributor to Gaia Online Yoga.

Erika Wiemann is a wardrobing specialist and a member of the EILEEN FISHER, Inc. Core Concept Team, which is tasked with upholding Eileen’s vision of her brand. A native New Yorker, Erika joined the team in 2006 after working for more than a decade with an international clothing catalog. Her job today at EILEEN FISHER includes product education—working with employees to guide them into a closer relationship with the brand and the clothing—and hosting events throughout the country, helping women feel comfortable in their clothes. Her passion is working one-on-one with women, teaching them how to choose what to wear based on how the clothing makes them feel—a process that helps them recognize both their inner and outer beauty.

Attend in Person
$295, includes lunch
Date & Time
Friday, October 27, 2017
9:30am — 5:00pm ET

111 Fifth Avenue
New York City


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  • Lynda Obershaw says:

    I love the clothing, and I love what Eileen is doing with the Lifework program. AND I’m on a fixed income and, at this time cannot travel to New York (boy, would I love to!), so, at this time, the only thing that is doable for me would be a live stream of this exciting and what appears to be life-changing event.

  • Carol Reichler says:

    I love and wear almost all Eileen Fisher!
    I would love to attend sessions in NY but cannot given my work schedule and caring for aging parents. Is there any availability of online/webinar sessions available from where I live in Lancaster, PA?

    thank you — I love what you are doing to care for the community and ourselves!!

    • Eileen Fisher LifeWork says:

      While we do not have a live-stream option for this workshop at this time, we are working out the logistics of offering complete workshops online in the future. Stay tuned!